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News Peel

This week I have been drawn to thinking about friendship, as at work and at home friends and colleagues give that little bit more. Just the other day, a friend turned up at my door when she heard I was emptying an entire room in the house ready for decoration. Without a moment’s hesitation, she grabbed a cloth and bucket and spent the next two ours cleaning, moving furniture with a spring in her step and smile on her face. With her by my side, an otherwise onerous task turned into a shared experience of togetherness, happiness and warmth.


When we connect to friends and engage in contact and conversation, play and exploration, our happy hormones increase. We feel, stimulated, acknowledged, seen and connected. Being with friends engaging in ‘reciprocal altruism’, doing things for one another, truly warms the heart.


And if this isn’t reason enough to engage in friendship this weekend, friendship that incorporates ‘reciprocal altruism,’ we know strengthens our immune system, calms our autonomic system and helps us with social engagement that benefits our entire being.


So call a friend, do something for someone without them asking and enjoy how it makes you feel.





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