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Counselling course in Newcastle-upon-Tyne


We are proud to announce that since October 2022, our UKCP Accredited Diploma in Integrative and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapeutic Counselling has been available in the North-East of England, thanks to our friends at Peel Psychological Consultancy. We are now taking applications to join us in September 2024 for the Core Theory Year of this established and accredited 3-year part-time course.


Nicole Addis  (MSc Int Psych) and the team at Peel Psychological Consultancy have been providing counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and groups, supervision and courses for mental health professionals, and consultancy to businesses for over a decade. Teaming up with ECPT to be able to deliver the established 3-year Psychotherapeutic Counselling course has been a natural step for all involved.


The course will be delivered at Peel’s centre on High Street, Gosforth on weekends from September through to July. It’s the exact same course we’ve been running at our Hull centre for many years, comprising one weekend a month for ten months, and a mix of classroom learning, personal therapy experience, and clinical practice hours.


You can learn more about our three-year psychotherapeutic counselling training at:


We had a talk with Nicole Addis about her and Peel Psychological Consultancy and our partnership with ECPT…..


Nicole, tell me a little about you and how Peel Psychological Services came to be…


After completing my Master’s in Integrative Psychotherapy and having worked for some time as a psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor, I felt it was time to embrace a new challenge and open up my own centre. The idea behind PEEL was channelled by my growing interest in trauma and a wish to integrate new scientific findings with the more traditional psychotherapy teachings. And it has always been my passion to one day to bring high quality, affordable training to the North East.


So, why are you excited to be involved with ECPT’s expansion plans?


My relationship with ECPT and its founder Kathie Hostick goes back to when I was in my second year of training and Kathie was my tutor. Then, as of now, I have admired Kathie’s commitment to delivering the highest standard of training. The support of the student is in my opinion second to none and is held within a truly transparent and autonomous relationship. Her ongoing drive for equality and diversity is evident in the financial structure of the course, allowing for a wider socio-demographic student intake. Working in collaboration with ECPT is an honour and helps PEEL and myself to bring that level of training home.


What are you most looking forward to with delivering the 3-year counselling course?


Being with the students. To have the opportunity to share with others my knowledge, experience and to be part of someone’s unique journey into this profession, is so exciting and gratifying.



Training Dates 2024 – 2025

Core Theory Year  –  September 2024  –  June 2025 Saturday & Sunday
  • Weekend  1   September   7 / 8
  • Weekend  2  October        5 / 6
  • Weekend  3   November  2 / 3
  • Weekend  4   December  30 November / 1 December
  • Weekend  5   January      4 / 5
  • Weekend  6   February    1 / 2
  • Weekend  7   March         1 / 2
  • Weekend  8   April           5 / 6
  • Weekend  9   May            3 /4
  • Weekend  10 June          31 May / 1 June


Year 1 Advanced  –  September 2024  –  June 2025  Saturday & Sunday

  • Weekend   1    September   14 / 15
  • Weekend   2   October        12 / 13
  • Weekend   3   November    9 / 10
  • Weekend   4   December    7 / 8
  • Weekend   5   January       11 / 12
  • Weekend   6   February     8 /9
  • Weekend   7   March          8 / 9
  • Weekend   8   April            12  / 13
  • Weekend   9   May             10 / 11
  • Weekend   10 June            7 / 8


Year 2 Advanced  –  September 2024 – June 2025  Saturday & Sunday

  • Weekend   1   September   21 / 22
  • Weekend   2  October        19 / 20
  • Weekend   3  November   16 / 17
  • Weekend   4  December   14 / 15
  • Weekend   5  January       18 / 19
  • Weekend  6   February     15 / 16
  • Weekend  7   March          15 / 16
  • Weekend  8   April            19 / 20
  • Weekend  9   May             17 / 18
  • Weekend  10 June            14 / 15



New Prospectus Available Now

Considering a career in counselling or psychotherapy?
Train with the ECPT at PEEL Newcastle Gosforth
Accredited Level 6 Diploma in Integrative Transactional Analysis and Psychotherapeutic Counselling.
Get our New Prospectus and find out how you can change your life and that of others!



Spring Open Evening

Come and meet our team at our Summer Open Evening
******* 4th April 2024 @ 6pm *******
ECPT Accredited Level 6 Diploma in Integrative Transactional Analysis and Psychotherapeutic Counselling
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We currently offer:

Level 6 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Commencing September 2024. The Level 6 comprises a common Core Theory Year and then two further years of advanced training.  This is the course you would be applying to join.


Thereafter there is the opportunity to advance to level 7. Currently this is through the Ellesmere Centre however we would hope to have the training for level 7 also in Newcastle by 2024.  A Level 7 is the Core Theory Year plus three years of advanced training.



Both diplomas are accredited by UKCP.  



Our prospectus contains information on the requirements of each qualification in terms of the hours of study, assessment, clinical practice hours, and therapy hours. You can download it at:

Each year’s training consists of one weekend per month for ten months. In between, there will be assignments to work on and you will, from the start of your second year, need to complete a number of clinical practice hours. If you don’t have anywhere to practice already, then we have a Placements Officer who can help find you a suitable placement. You will also need to be in personal therapy throughout your time with us.


For entry, we judge each application on its individual merit. Prior experience in therapy and working in a mental health setting is beneficial, as is being able to write to a Level 6 standard, however, we take a wide range of students from hugely varied backgrounds and a passion for learning psychotherapy and counselling and life experience is more than acceptable. If you are not sure if a career in counselling or psychotherapy is for you, I am happy to arrange a call with one of our training team to tell you more about the course and discuss your specific circumstances.


You will need to have completed TA101 by the end of your foundation year. It’s advantageous to have completed this before you start but we appreciate that life’s not always that simple. We run TA101 throughout the academic year – have a look at for more information and to find a suitable date. As TA101 is an agreed standard, we also accept TA101s from other training centres. For Newcastle students we will run the weekend at the Newcastle branch.


We have a programme of CPD courses running throughout the year to support students in training and those who have graduated. We also have a team able to support an application to UKCP for clinical membership and accreditation. Our two centres have rooms to hire on an hourly basis for therapy work. In short, we support counsellors and psychotherapists at every stage of their careers.



Applicants for the Newcastle branch apply at


Option F


Alternatively, contact me directly or email us at: or visit our website at: go to the FB page where you will find a short video of some FAQs.


Starting in October 2022 in Newcastle, UKCP Accredited Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling – click button below for more contact details for more information


“Deep Dives” provides us with an in depth look at key concepts of popular topics. Our workshops and events aim to bring current CPD to the North East delivered by experts in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy.

Breakfast seminars provide excellent theoretical learning for mental health professionals. They are suitable for all with little or no knowledge of the topics or those wishing to refresh their deeper understanding.

Peel UK Upcoming Events

The seminars run on an ongoing basis and run when numbers allow, groups will be a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 people. The format will be Breakfast Seminars running from 9.30 am – 1 pm with light refreshments.  This will provide 3.5 hours towards CPD accreditation and certificates will be provided.



Our Workshops and events are run as part of our CPD programme throughout the year. The format will be tailored to individual days running from 9.30- 4.30 this will provide 6 hours CPD accreditation.



COST : Price ranges from £55 – £75 depending upon the event.



Explore and learn in a warm, collaborative, informative setting and discover a renewed energy for yourself, your work and your team.



To  Express Interest in any of the Deep Dive Topics or events – Please see the attached link to the booking form for your completion with details of those you are interested in. 



Please download, complete and return to:   

For course details contact: Nicole Addis

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