Peel UK can help you.

We offer a range of psychological services, individually tailored to meet your personal or organisational needs.

Counselling / Psychotherapy Services

We offer a free ten minute telephone consultation to explore your current situation and what might best suit your needs. Should you wish to continue, a formal assessment would follow. Some people may need only one or two sessions to resolve a current problem, whilst others may need more time to explore deeper, more complex issues. 

Clinical Services for Mental Health Professionals

All our clinical services are currently evidence based and supported by organisational recommendations and testimonials.


  • Reflective Supervision Groups 
  • Individual or Group tutorials (CPD)
  • Clinical Supervision

Psychology for Business Services

UK businesses lose an estimated 32 billion pounds per year because of employee mental ill health. Peel Psychological Consultancy offers bespoke psychological services to industry, utilities and the ‘helping professions.’ We have developed the Engagement model a cost-effective work-based model which is being delivered to health professions and industry with highly successful outcomes.

Talking helps to solve problems